Have a Seat on the All-new All-electric Transit Bus!

Coming to the National Drive Electric Vehicle Show or/and Poolesville Day? Well, find a great parking spot and have a seat on the all new, all electric transit bus! This Montgomery County (MCDOT) Ride On bus will be running an all day shuttle service between the County Outdoor Pools Parking Lot (the parking lot is open for this event) and the Catholic Church with many stops in between.

Be sure to stop at Elgin Road near the High School and walk up Elgin to see the all-electric Zero Motorcycles near Bassett’s! If you ride, bring your gear and take a test drive!  Or stop at W. Willard and Fisher Ave and walk toward Rt 109 and see all of the wonderful Electric Vehicles at Jamison’s or in front of Anytime Fitness. Use this Interactive Map to find the best public parking area: https://bit.ly/ndewpark (case sensitive) or check the map below. 

Use this Interactive Map: https://bit.ly/ndewpark (case sensitive)