Community and Residential Solar Energy Event in Poolesville

On October 06, 2015, the Community & Residential Solar Energy Event in Poolesville:
Tour of the Poolesville Solar Array that began at Bassett’s Restaurant at 3:30 pm on Tuesday Oct 6.

People gather at Bassett’s before tour

The first tour stop – the Poolesville Solar Array. In 2014, Poolesville became one of the only two Montgomery County communities to produce renewable energy..The 6-acre solar farm is located adjacent to the Poolesville Waste Water Treatment Plant, produces enough electricity to power much of the municipal government’s needs, including fueling the treatment plant and keeping the lights on in the Town Hall. The solar farm reports to save Poolesville as much as $20,000 annually in reduced energy costs. Poolesville town manager, Wade Yost and Poolesville Green’s Executive Director Joyce Breiner lead this portion of the tour,.

Wade talks about the Solar Array
Array on the background


Attendees check out the array

The second stop on the tour was a visit to a 15 year old, net-zero energy, single family home (2 Hackett Ct, Poolesville, MD, 20837). The house has been upgraded over the past 7 years to include obvious and not so obvious energy savings changes.

Solar Powered Home

This includes 69 rooftop solar panels producing at time more engender then used by the occupants. They also own two electric vehicles.charged by this solar powered home.

All electric Nissan LEAF

After the tour, it was back to Bassett’s Restaurant for food and more conversation. Eric R. Coffman, CEM, CEP, LEED AP, Chief – Office of Energy and Sustainability of the Department of “Green” General Services in Montgomery County provided an overview of the county’s efforts with solar programs, county energy taxes, and its public programs to overcome energy barriers. More discussions  with Corey Ramsden, Program Manager at MD SUN, and a representative from the Community Power Network and a chance to network with other attendees.

At Bassett’s Restaurant

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