What’s It All About: Poolesville Town Solar Array


Poolesville Town Solar Array Information Evening

You are invited to attend this Free Informative Evening to Hear…

  • How & Why Poolesville Considered a Solar Array
  • How It Provides for the Town Government’s Electricity Needs
  • Costs Vs Benefits & How the “No Money Down” Option Works
  • Other Benefits (Educational, Economic, Environmental)

Featured Speakers:
Jim Brown, President, Commissioners, Town of Poolesville
Lee Bristol, Commercial Installations, Standard Solar, Inc.

Free; RSVPs requested here on FaceBook or at PoolesvilleGreen@gmail.com


  1. The only way to get anywhere close to a fair esmtaite is to actually call up a solar installer in your area, and get a free quote. The price depends vastly on your energy usage, and your location. Two houses can be neighbors, and one can use 20 times as much electricity.Solar hot water costs $4-6k, after which you may get some rebates or credits.Solar electricity costs $6k and up, after which you may get rebates or credits. A typical system, if there is such a thing, is several times that size, and it is not unheard of to have a system 20 times that large.

    1. earlier.The really inanse thing is, we already know that alternative or green energy isn’t working. We’ve seen it in the UK in the winter of 2010/2011. The windfarms produced nothing and the UK had to buy power from France. If the weather says no , then we’re screwed. Sure, we can build backup systems, but those have to run all the time as well, since you can’t just start them up like the light in ones home. Plus we’d need massive upgrades in our power grids to run this, upgrades we don’t have.It’s funny though, I mean, we’re being told to stop wasting electricity by our so called leaders and activists , but at the same time we’re told to buy electric vehicles. Errrr Okay?I’ve been pretty much saying this for a few years now. Heck, I’ve been telling Americans to get out of Europe while they still can, because what’s going to come won’t be pretty. That said, I think the US should also remove the troops from the EU. You don’t want your boys to be here when this ship finally sinks. You don’t want to get dragged into this.

  2. They are less clean than a passenger car. Most talppiie emissions are CO2 and water, whereas coal fired power plants spew all sorts of heavy metals and other emissions into the air. The coal has to be transported by diesel trains to the power stations, and the electricity has to be transported back to the house/filling station. Also the batteries used are incredibly toxic to manufacture and dispose of.

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